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Sun Edu is a leading international training organization in the field of electronics and microchips. With a breakthrough vision and mission, we have built an advanced training model that combines technological innovation and deep expertise to help our students become top experts, ready to meet every challenge and seize opportunities in the modern industry.

Disruptive Approach – “Going from the Top Down” in the Electronics and IC Industry

To catch up with the rapid development of the electronics and microchip industry, Vietnam needs a breakthrough approach, i.e. “top-down”. This includes focusing on high-value-added design, including product design (product design) and chip design. Competent and experienced human resources in this field play an extremely important role, decisive towards the implementation of this groundbreaking approach.

Mission and Aspiration to Serve the Country

Sun Edu was formed from the desire and spirit of serving the country of Vietnamese people in Silicon Valley, USA, with the consensus of domestic entrepreneurs and experts. We established Sun Edu International Education Joint Stock Company, is a member of Sun Electronics Group Joint Stock Company. Since then, we have cooperated with SHTP Trainning – Training Center under the Management Board of Ho Chi Minh City Hi-Tech Park to establish two groundbreaking training projects in the field of electronics (IETC) and IC design (SCDC).

Accompanying the development of Vietnam’s electronics and microchip industry – Building and developing the generation of outstanding, breakthrough human resources, serving the future.

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When participating in the course at Sunedu, students will be equipped with knowledge and skills according to international standards. We are committed to supporting and accompanying students in the process of learning and career development. Students will have access to in-depth knowledge and the most advanced technology in the field of electronics and microchips.

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Our vision is to become the leading Educational Institution Information Center for students, students and learners working in the field of electronics.



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