Training in practical knowledge and skills for circuit design according to the specific requirements of businesses. This includes modules such as RTL Design (Logic Design), Design Verification (DV), Logic Synthesis (LS), Design For Test (DFT), Physical Design (PD), Static Timing Analysis (STA), …



IC Design Training Program


Subject objectives

Summary of course content

Place & Primary Route


Knowledge: Electronic IC Design. Details of IC physical design stages.

+ Skills: Perform IC electronic circuit physical design at block design level. Includes skills: Import, Floorplan, Placement, Clock Tree CTS, Routing.

+ Attitude, diligence: Attend classes fully and prepare for class time as required by teachers.

Giới thiệu vai trò của IC trong cuộc sống của con người

Introduction to the role of ICs in human life

+ Review the basics of digital and electrical engineering

+ Brief introduction of process to create 1 IC

+ Present the design process of 1 block from receiving input data to the end of the design.

Subject details

Chapter 1: Overview of IC creation process

Chapter 2: ICC2 EDA TOOL

Chapter 3: Place & Route Design Flow

Form of teaching organization:

Direct: Yes

Online: No

Methods and forms of testing – evaluating subject learning results:

Regular inspection and evaluation

Periodic inspection and evaluation

– Purpose: To support the promotion of students’ continuing learning, students adjust teaching and learning methods, change teaching and learning methods accordingly.

– Assessment techniques: Read the guided document in each section; Ask questions and answers among students after finishing each section.

Include the following sections (the weight of each section is proposed by the teacher, the subject head approves)

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